BMW used Louis Vuitton to sell more cars. here's how...

Think of yourself in a BMW i8. The craftsmanship of the interior. And the power of the engine. Now think of yourself wearing a Louis Vuitton bag. If you are really mindful of what you feel - you will see that both give you the same emotion. Here’s how BMW and LV used that to their advantage to sell more cars and hand luggage’s...

The launch

in 2014 BMW created the i8. The i8 was their top of the line sports car. It was state of the art, light weight engineering and was made from full carbon fibre. Plus it was a hybrid car. It was truly a design and engineering marvel.

To promote the car BMW decided to reach out the Louis Vuitton. Here’s what they came up with...

What LV made?

To match the design of the car Louis Vuitton made a 4 pack luggage set. The luggage was made from carbon fibre.

The price of the car was over $150,000+ depending on the configuration. And the price of the luggage set was $20,000.

The collaboration was shared on both companies digital channels, as well as their retail stores. Both had displays of the i8 and the luggage’s.

So why did this work?

Both companies share the same values on creativity. And both were pushing the envelope on what technology and style can do in culture. And this collaboration helped define the role art played in travel.

It showed both companies ability to adapt to each other’s design. While still keeping the shared luxury values.

The partnership was a success. LV has more than 1 million page views to their site. While BMW, had a few hundreds of thousands.

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